Due to a materials shortage, our tool production is on hold and all orders will be delayed a minimum of 3 weeks. We hope you understand, and we apologize for any inconvenience. Feel free to check out our distributors page for online stores that may have the CES tools you need in stock.

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FMRS-1 Ultra-Fine Micro Rakes Set

FMRS-1 Ultra-Fine Micro Rakes Set

Ultra-Fine Micro Rakes

Achieve your greatest level of fine details in your sculpture with this hand crafted set of 5 Ultra-Fine Micro Rakes for sculpting/clay modeling, wax carving, and pottery.

Made with high quality .026” (.66mm) fine nickel wound music wire ends,  1/8” (3mm) diameter brass handles wrapped in our rubberized no slip coating for a total thickness of 3/16” (4.8 mm) and held together with a strong industrial epoxy. The tool ends are approximately ¼” (6.3mm) long and 1/16” – 1/4” (6.3mm - 1.5mm) wide. Smaller ends for the most delicate work! These tools are made with the professional artist in mind.

These are different from our regular Micro Rakes but used in the same way. Just as with their coarser MRS cousins, they “clean up after themselves”. Meaning the fine wound wires leave fewer little bits of clay needing to be removed and far fewer tool marks!  The neatest, cleanest way to detail your clay sculptures, wax, and pottery! 


Hand Crafted in the USA

Overall lengths are approx. 6.5” (165mm)

Metal handles

Tools ends are affixed to handle using industrial epoxy for strength and durability

Rubberized handles for no-slip grip

Small .026” (.66mm) nickel wound music wire ends for the finest level of detail